Tesco Pet Insurance Reviews

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3 thoughts on “Tesco Pet Insurance Reviews”

  1. We have our pet (dog) Herbie insured with Tesco on a lifelong cover. We have had to make claims to Tesco Pet insurance on several occasions due to Herbie’s allergies and we have found it very easy to make a claim and have received prompt payments.We would recommend them to anyone who is thinking of taking out pet insurance.

  2. I’m on a cheap policy with Tesco (not lifelong cover) and my dog Woody has had a few injuries – 3 claims made to date.

    Been insured for 2 years and although the premium is low (he is young dog), it increased considerably on renewal this year.

    My experience to date has been that their claiming system is easy, they are helpful and friendly on the phone and they pay out quickly.

    Would recommend and may upgrade to lifelong cover

  3. recently made a claim tescos were brilliant and service was quick ! However Ive been penalised on the next years av=nniversary payment and they have loaded the policy over £15.00 oer month .

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